2 fabulous & Interesting Red Wines 11–06-14

After our Thursday VINO winetasting, some of the regulars brought in some amazing wines to share.  I am always astounded at each’s generosity to share wines & have fun doing so.  there were 2 which REALLY stood out for me.

10b2995 Chateau Trotanoy

While I have been very fortunate to sample different vintages of this top echelon Pomerol estate, I can’t say I have ever been WOW-ed by any.   That is…..until this 1995 came along.  I found it to be stunning, captivating, mesmerizing, majestic & so very seductive.  I also loved its superb elegance, supreme refinement, class & intricacy.  This is really an example of having a wine at an opportune moment in its life cycle.  0b1


2004 Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie “La Landonne”

Rene started his estate with the 1971 vintage with only 1.75 hectares of vines.  The game changed for him when he received some unbelievable holdings from Albert Dervieux & Marius Gentaz (for me, the greatest Cote Rotie producer of all time).  As I have noted in a previous blog, I have watched Rene refine his winemaking & therefore the style of his wines over the years & must say, he is today one of the appellations true standouts.  On this night, I was underwhelmed with this 2004 initially.  Yes, it had the gamey, wild rusticity of northern Rhone Valley Syrah, coupled with the elegance & refinement of Rostaing’s masterful winemaking touch.  With air, this wine just gloriously opened up.  It was majestic, full of character with many different layers & nuances pop up.  This is a truly stunning wine & another example of having a wine in its sweet spot.  Bravo!!!!

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