The newest CF Wine release

We could not find quality wines, well priced and with availability all year long for our restaurants, so we went out & created them.  To best accomplish this, we partnered up with some of the very best, contemporary ( and innovative) winemakers we know.  Currently there are FIVE  different wines.  “Each bottling is crafted by a different winemaker, one who we believe could execute what we envisioned”.

As you will hopefully see, we strive for CF Wines to be all about elegance, suave-ability and food friendliness & at the same deliver excellent value”.


This cuvee is produced by our good friend Gary Burk from Costa de Oro, who in our opinion is one of the new winemakers of the California wine scene to watch out for.  His wines always have such elegance, purity, delicious-ness & great texture.  This 2010 CF is produced from his family’s Gold Coast Vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley, 100% older vine Martini clone, which was harvested  from 3 passes through the vineyard..  This wine spent 14 months in old French oak barrel (3 to 5 years old) to round out the edges.  We absolutely love the ‘2010’s signature perfume, its absolute loveliness, terrific balance, seamless flow &  seductive texture.


we refer to this cuvee as…….a Cabernet crafted by a Pinot maker (Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat).  The resulting wine is so sleek, elegant, suave and thankfully very UN-Napa-like.  The 2009 is roughly 90% organically farmed Cabernet (and 5% Cab Franc from the same vineyard) and 5% Bien Nacido Vineyard Merlot.  The wine is aged for 24 months in Burgundy barrels, only 10% of which is new.


Since we have so many Asian inspired foods here in the islands, it made sense to focus on effortlessly light, fruit driven German wines for the CF Wines……& we decided to THREE different styles, dry, medium dry & fruity.  One of the two true Masters of DRY German white wines is Paul Furst of Franconia. who is a former “Winemaker of the Year”.   In the old days, we were lucky if Hawaii could get 2 cases of his dry Muller Thurgau.  Grown in red sandstone hillside soils, this stellar white is ethereal, delicate as can be, amazingly light bodied & seamless, classy & completely finesseful and DRY.  We named it Eurasia so people would better understand what kinds of foods it worked with.


The 2nd of the German trio is produced for us by another standout winemaker, Rheinhessen’s Fritz Hasselbach of Gunderloch.  The 2010 comes from the red slate hillsides of Niersteiner Hipping & vinified Medium dry.  The red slate creates that distinctive pineapple/tropical character in the perfume & the taste.  It is seemingly much richer & tropical than the other 2 yet still VERY ideal &  tailor made for contemporary Euro-Asian styled foods, hence the name.


Back in the mid 80’s,  I came across the Rieslings of Dr F. Weins-Prum and absolutely fell in love with them.  They are always so amazingly ethereal (as opposed to just fruit driven), riveting and epitomize purity and sophistication.  I have cellared more of Dr F Weins-Prum wines than any other.  Bert Selbach’s is a direct descendent of the Prum family, which means he & his family have incredible vineyard holdings AND in the most prestigious sites along the Mosel River.  Our initial CF wines from him came from one of my favorite single vineyards, Graacher Domprobst, which especially in 2006 & 2007 were sensational!  With the 2008 vintages, though, we decided to go in a slightly different direction.  I had witnessed in other winegrowing regions of the world that the very best winemakers chose to make their wines from a blend of different vineyards.  In Barolo, for instance, the grand old timers felt by blending grapes from top sites located all over the Barolo appellation, one could create an “orchestra” rather than just the horn section.  Thus inspired, the 2008 CF Riesling “Estate” is a blend of the FOUR great vineyards of the Mosel River winegrowing region--Wehlener Sonnenuhr….2 vineyards in Graach—Domprobst & Himmelreich & the impossibly steep Wurzgarten vineyard of Urzig.   .  The wines seem to be a little more floral, pear-ish and rounder on the palate than our 2007 Kabinett.  We asked Bert to bottle it separately under our CF label and here it is.   Absolutely stunning.


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