Knez wines

KNEZ Wines

Business entrepreneur Peter Knez purchased two key vineyards in theAndersonValley, Cerise in 2007 & Demuth in 2008.  Both vineyards are planted on the hillsides of the eastern hills of the valley, (fractured sandstone, shale & schist) both above the 800 feet elevation fogline.

Cerise is roughly 38 acres planted (1995 to 98), with at least 12 different Pinot Noir clones, 700 to 1100 feet elevation with 10 to 30% slope.

Demuth is a much smaller vineyard, 15 acres at 1400 to 1700 feet elevation, planted in the late 1970’s to 8 acres Chardonnay (Wente clone) & 7 acres to 2 Pinot Noir clones—Vadenswill & Pommard.

In the latter part of 2008, Knez deftly hired Anthony Filiberti (of Anthill Farms) to oversee his wine project.  The Pinot Noirs are very perfumed, lovely, dynamic & delicious in style.  The Chardonnay is more masculine in style, though brilliant, classy & provocative,

This will definitely be a wine project to keep an eye out for as it currently has all the right pieces!

Here is what we have had come to the Islands to date–

2010 Chardonnay “Demuth Vineyard”–30 year old vine Wente clone, wild yeast fermented in barrels, 9 months lees contact, 40% new oak, racked to tank & then 5 months bottle age before release.  450 case production.

2009 Rose “Cerise Vineyard”–a dry, light, delicious Pinot rose (Martini clone)..done whole cluster (NO saignee juice here),Champagnepress & tank fermented. 150 case production.

2009 Pinot Noir “Anderson Valley”–1/3 DeMuth (Vadenswill & Pommard—30 year old vines), 2/3’s Cerise (115, 777, Pommard), 50% stem inclusion, 25% new oak, 13.4 alcohol, naturally.

2009 Pinot Noir “Demuth Vineyard”–Vadenswill & Pommard—30 year old vines, 30% stem inclusion, 40% new oak, 14% alcohol naturally.  440 case production.

2009 Pinot Noir “Cerise Vineyard”–clones–50% David Bruce & the remainder Martini, Pommard, Vadenswill & 114, 50% stem inclusion, 40% new oak, 13.5 % alcohol naturally.  500 case production.


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