Harvesting grapes on Cote Rotie

The Cote Rotie is comprised of steep hillsides in France’s northern Rhone Valley.  When my wife Cheryle got her first glimpse after turning a corner….it reminded her of turing the corner at Makapuu in Hawaii & looking up to the steep hillsides.



Although records show plantings back to the 2nd century AD, It really was in the 18th Century that Cote Rotie gained prominence.

Like the nearby Hermitage hill, the Cote Rotie & its hillsides are steep & rocky.  How does one harvest the grapes?


BY Hand.  They go up the hill, load the grapes on their backs & come back down the hill……..






Then back up the hill for another load.  Yes….it does take hard work, dedication & passion to produce Cote Rotie!

In the case of producers such as Patrick Jasmine & Rene Rostaing….it shows in the bottle.













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