Bert Selbach & Dr. F Weins-Pruem

 Some of our absolute favorite Rieslings out of Germany come from Bert Selbach & Dr F Weins-Pruem. 

Bert is a descendent of the iconic Pruem family of the Mosel River region & therefore has small but cherished holdings in the top vineyards above the towns of Wehlen, Graach, Urzig & Erden.


One of his showstoppers comes from a 1 hectare parcel in the great Wehlener Sonnenuhr Vineyard which results in wines of great filigree, lots of riveting minerality & breathtaking refinement, especially special because of his style of winemaking.

In the forefront of this picture one can see the ground (I believe one of JJ Pruem’s parcels) being made ready for replanting.  This is because of the Flurbereinigung (government regulated vineyard “improvement” & consolidation) which is underway within the vineyard Bert’s parcel is above & to the leftAs you will notice each of Bert’s parcels have thankfully yet to be redone.


Bert’s holdings above the town of Graach, include a 1/2 hectare EACH in Himmelreich (wonderful pedigree, refinement & ethereal-ness)….Domprobst vineyards (bigger stones–more slate-iness & minerality.

Bert also owns a prized 1/2 hectare in Urziger Wurzgarten….

whose red slate gives a pungency & pronounced spiciness to the resulting wine which is VERY different from anything from Graach or Wehlen.



Finally, another REAL interesting, very small parcel in the Erdener Pralat vineyard.  Bert noted that in 1907 this red & gray slate vineyard was only 600 meters in size, which was later increased to roughly double, at 1.4 hectares.

Bert’s winemaking & the resulting style of wines are like no other.  We adore the pedigree, purity, transparency, remarkably ethereal-ness, riveting minerality & amazing lightness & deliciousness of his wines—young or aged.  PLUS they are also always so unexpectedly well priced & therefore REALLY over deliver for the dollar.







Amazing…..from the ground to the bottle!!!!!!

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