Reinhold Haart

One of the finest producers from Germany, without a doubt, is Weingut Reinhold Haart, who is located in the town of Piesport on the Mosel River.  

The winery is today run by Theo Haart, with his son Johannes as the heir apparent.  The Gault Millau wine guide selected Theo as “Winemaker of the Year” in 2007.

The Haarts own roughly 7.5 hectares of vineyards in Piesport–4.5 in Goldtropfchen (soft, splintered gray/blue slate) , 1 hectare in Grafenberg (red slate) & .4 hectares in Domherr (deeper, finer soils from erosion).  In addition they own .3 hectares in their monopole Kreuzwingert (big stones/clay soils, cooler microclimate, which is actually a parcel in the Goldtropfchen vineyard) & .3 hectares in Wintricher Ohligsberg (big stones/hard blue slate with quartz).

The Haart wines combine power with great purity, balance & filigree.  Theo crafts his wines in a reductive style & his wines therefore have tremendous aging potential.

On a recent visit we were fortunate to drive through the vineyards with Johannes, a few weeks before harvest (the grapes were roughly 55 to 60 degress Oechsle).  We were certainly re-amazed at how steep & rocky each of the sites were.  Furthermore, seeing the various vineyard’s soil types, aspect & exposures made for a clearer understanding of the resulting wines.

The Goldtropfchen vineyard characteristically offers power, opulence with pedigree, superb refinement & intricacy.  VERY aristocratic.  I also love the mineraility, floweriness & perfume which makes you want to smell the wine forever.

The Grafenberg, on the other hand, is seemingly more straightforward, rounder.  The 2003 & 2009 were more showy, flashy, while the 2008 & 2010 much more pure, transparent & classic.

The Ohligsberger seems more focused, pure & cleaner with lots of citrus/grapefruit/lemon nuances.

The Kreuzwingert caught me by surprise as it showed RED fruit nuances & was quite exotic in comparison to the others.

 All in all, this is an estate well worth searching out for.  The vineyards, winemaking & the wines are amazing!!!!!!

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