3 CF white wines from Germany

In case you didn’t know, my partner DK & I have 8 restaurants here in Hawaii.  5 of them feature contemporary Asian foods.  Because of that, we went out & created THREE German white wines which would better work with our foods.  One is dry…..one is medium dry & the other slightly sweet, fruity & lower in alcohol.  Each one is from a different winegrowing region & features a different star winemaker.  For me, it really is like a “dream” team.

CF Muller Thurgau DRY “Eurasia”

This DRY, riveting, amazingly light, airy ethereal & refreshing white wine comes from Franconia Germany(red sandstone soil) & the masterful winemaking of Paul Furst.  Furst only has 3/4’s of a hectare of Muller Thurgau (the grape variety) & we are REALLY fortunate AND thankful for his generosity.  We named this cuvee Eurasia (soon to be renamed “Pur Mineral”) to remind all what kind of foods this wine works its magic with.  

CF Riesling Medium Dry “Euro-Asian”

This very tropical scented, MEDIUM DRY Riesling is grown in the red slate hillsides of the Niersteiner Hipping & Pettenthal vineyards of Rheinhessen, Germany & crafted by superstar winemaker Fritz Hasselbach of Weingut Gunderloch.  Although this wine may smell & taste slightly sweet to many, it is in fact medium dry  Besides the foods of our restaurants (www.dkrestaurants.com) here is a wine one could readily take to a Chinese or Korean eaterie & have some fun with.

We also really wanted /needed a slightly sweet, lower alcohol white wine from Germany, which would work with our more spicy, salty foods better.  We were thankfully most fortunate that Bert Selbach of Dr F Weins-Prum said yes.  We absolutely adore Bert’s wine because of how remarkably light, ethereal, minerally & airy they are without compromising breed, quality & sophistication.  Initially the wine was a single vineyard (Graacher Domprobst, one of our favorites), but we have since changed the cuvee.  The main reason being, since Bert is a Prum descendant, his superior, highly revered holding therefore include Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher (Himmelreich & Domprobst), Uziger Wurzgarten & Erdener Pralat, not only some of the VERY top sites in the Mosel, but in Germany over all.  So, the current vintage is a blend of  Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher (Himmelreich & Domprobst) & Uziger Wurzgarten….which to us is an orchestra…..rather than just the horn section.  In addition, it really is amazingly light & ethereal, which few others can or try to achieve.  Absolutely SENSATIONAL!!!

 CF Riesling “Estate” 

 If it seems like I am a doding father….I can help it.  Who would ever have imagined a local boy like me could have at least 3 of his dreams come true.





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