Older White Wines

Yes, we had yet another BYOB dinner, where the participants brought some amazing older wines.  Here are some of the highlights.

1999 Raveneau Chablis Premier Cru “Butteaux”

Without a doubt, Raveneau produces some of the purest, most transparent Chardonnays in the world.  Because the wines see some oak, it really does take a few years of bottle age for the true terroir to once again really express itself, as this 1999 deftly displayed.  Everything is now in totally harmony & I really loved the riveting, breathtakingly ethereal, sea shell-y minerality.  My only other comment is drink it up….why wait. Life is just too short.  

2001 Francois Jobard Meursault 1er Cru “Genevrieres”

A real show stopper……which just kept getting better with air time.  I found this wine absolutely mesmerizing, to the point, I just kept going back for more & more.  There is all kinds of nuances & pedigree which just kept revealing themselves as the night wore on.  I understand, however, this kind of Old Style of winemaking is not for everyone.  That’s okay, though, as it selfishly means more for me.  

1997 Colin-Deleger Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru “En Remilly”

This is a fully mature white wine…..& while it is certainly an interesting drink, I would suggest collectors still holding some of this in their cellars, should drink it up.

2000 Verget Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru

Another fully mature white wine……definitely Grand Cru in quality with lots of breed & pedigree, done in a more masculine style, although somewhat tiring at the edges.  This is, however, still a wonderful glass of wine to fawn over.  

1997 Zind Humbrecht Riesling “Rangen Clos St Urbaine”

I am so used to German Riesling, I was at first somewhat taken back by the sheer power, opulence & expolsive-ness of this Riesling.  Wow!  It has terrific minerality with a lavish,  unctuous texture & decadent, ultra-ripe fruit which just coats the palate with its surreal richness.  I wonder what kind of food we would pair with this wine?

 2006 Louis Michel Chablis Grand Cru “Vaudesir”

Here is yet another pure, transparent, minerally Chardonnay from Chablis, done in a style which would work with a wide spectrum of foods, because of its more delicate,  nuanced style.


 1995 Fritz Haag Long Kapsule Auslese “Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr”

For me, this was truly the wine of the night (white or red).  Majestic, breathtaking, aristocratic.  Remarkably, the apparent sweetness has greatly changed into a more tactile creaminess with the 17 years of bottle age….AND, the minerality & magnificent breed is absolutely sensational!!!!!!  This is the kind of character, style & pedigree we all dream about sampling. 


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