It’s always good to see some long time friends

Isn’t it always a great feeling to see long time friends!  here are 3 I ran across over the past few days.

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 Tawfig Khoury

I first met Tawfig back in the late 70’s/early 80’s.  Over the years he & his wife Richel would come to whatever restaurant I was at,  to say hello, dine & share a bottle of wine.  Being a wine collector, the wines they opened over the years & shared was amazing…the oldest dating as farback as an 1809 Madeira!  Theyencouraged a young boy to “dream” …….much mahalo!!!!!! 


  Chef Jean Marie Josselin

It was a great jot to see Jean Marie today over on Kauai.  Jean Marie was one of the 12 original Hawaii Regional Cuisine Chefs.  He was & is one of the most colorful characters I have had the pleasure to know in the culinary world, in addition to being a VERY creative, amazingly talented chef.  Today he owns & runs Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grille in the Kukui-ula Shopping center on Kauai. 


  Giustino Bisol

It was quite a surprise when Giustino stopped by VINO tonight.  his family owns & runs the house of Ruggeri, who produces very delicious, food friendly Prosecco near Venice in Italy’s Veneto region.  Yes, there are more & more Italian Prosecco coming into our market, but it would be hard to find one which provides the deliciousness Ruggeri does.



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