Roasted Dungeness Crab & Wine 03-10-13

VINO Roasted Crab  So….what kind of white wine would we serve with VINO’s simply roasted dungeness crab?  (There is chile flakes & therefore some heat).


wine 001

 2010 Cantina Terlan Pinot Bianco

One amazing pairing is this dry, riveting, “bright eyed & bushy” tailed Pinot Bianco from hills of Italy’s Alto Adige.  These kinds of wonderfully aromatic white wines, especially those with such crip, refreshing acidity works wonders.

Terlano is a growers’ cooperative (founded in 1893) up in the alpine peaks of south Tyrol, which is the northernmost province of Italy.  The soil here is red porphyry (volcanic origin), rich in quartz & feldspar, with a topsoil of coarse silaceous stone & sand.

zzz 005


2009 Fritz Haag Riesling “Estate”

One of the truly GREAT white wine producers of the world is Wilhelm Haag.  Fortunately for us who truly love this estate & its wines, as Wilhelm slowly eases out of the day to day production, it is now being taken over by his son Oliver.  We are excited from what we have seen & tasted so far.

Based in the village of Brauneberg along Germany’s Mosel River, Fritz Haag owns prized (& legendary) parcels in both Juffer & Juffer Sonnenuhr, along with smaller pieces in other vineyards.

Although it does not say on the bottle, this wine in taste I think lies somewhere between feinherb & halbtrocken in style.  This is further butressed in the wine with high levels of tartaric (ripe acidity) which more than keeps this wine alive & kicking on the palate……AND the wine’s innate uplifting & riveting minerality…….which serves as the perfect palate cleanser between each bite of crab.

tako & wine 004

  2011 Virgona Salina Bianco

Here is yet another, intriguing wine pairing consideration.  This wonderfully perfumed/aromatic, crisp & fresh white wine comes from the Island of Salina, which lies somewhere between Sicily & the southern tip of Italy.

Interestingly, this wine has an innate salinity, both in smell & in taste which works well with the crab.  The stony, underbrush nuances work well with the green onion & cilantro garnishes.  Most importantly, though, the wine’s delicate, exotic aromatics helps squelch the dish’s slight heat from the chili flakes.

 I only wish there were white wines out there like this!


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