Sparkling Wine Tasting 09-12-13

Yes, we did another sparkling wine tasting in VINO tonight.  As is often the case….the goal was simply to show yet another dimension to the world of wines.

11cPunta Crena Mataossu Spumante Brut  grown on the steep, rocky hillsides of Liguria, undergoes ML & secondary fermentation & aged on the lees for 10 months.  This grape is grown by only 1 family in 1 village.  11b


Raventos I Blanc Brut Rose “De Nit” FOUR indigenous Spanish grape varieties  (xarello, parellada, macabeo & monastrell) grown in imestone influenced soils. Methode Champenoise. This family has been doing this for 19 generations!!!!!



11aLambert de Seyssel “Royal Seyssel”  a VERY unique bubbly from the Savoie region (limestone-clay soils), at higher elevation.  Typically 50% each of Molette & Altesse grape varieties, 3 to 4 years on the less & done method tradionelle, just as they would in Champagne. Many believe this region was one of the first to produce bubblies this way….even before Champagne itself.   “L’Altesse is the historic grape of the area for sparkling wines, and it has existed here since 1393. Its name translates to ‘Highness,’ which I guess makes sense in a place like Savoie. Wines from Altesse are remarkable for their aromatic finesse, elegance, and great aging potential. A second grape called Molette is what they consider the key to Royal Seyssel’s success. It is a native Savoie variety, descended from Gouais, with small compact clusters and tiny berries of golden yellow and remarkable acidity. They are a perfect combo for a vin Clair.”  11

Veuve Fourny Brut  “Grande Reserve”  70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir…Premier Cru… 2 ½ years ageing, 30% in Burgundy barrels.  This family owned House looks for elegance, purity & fine-ness.

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