Italian Lambrusco

Italian Lambrusco is yet another wine, which I would list under the “Ugly Duckling” category.  It is sad that too many wine drinkers have  some preconceived notion that sparkling (or fizzy) red wines are not “cool” to drink…..OR….that the rage of inexpensive, sweeter styled Lambrusco in the 70’s & 80’s has forever tarnished the wine.

I can readily understand.  I, quite candidly, at one time thought the same.  Then, I had my first glass of the Ermete DeMedici Lambrusco “Concerto”….back in the early 90’s…..well chilled…..with an assortment of salumi & cheese.  I am now an avid fan of good Lambrusco.

Ermete DeMedici is located in the center of Emilia Romagna region, at the top of plains & foothills of the the Emilia area & its specialized clay soils.  They are noted for their Tenuta Rampata & their Tenuta Quercioli wines, grown in little hamlets.   lambrusc2 

The wine we are currently offering by the glass at VINO, the DeMedici Lambrusco “Quercioli” is produced from the Lambrusco Salamino & Lambrusco Marano sub-varieties in the Reggio Emilia area.  This wine is tasty, with lots of tart cherry, cranberry fruit & a slight pungency one finds in surinam cherry.  The fizziness & tastiness from the fruit is so remarkably refreshing & thirstquenching, especially when the wine is served well chilled.  Just so you know, the alcohol content is only 11%….& there is 12 grams per liter residual sugar (which in Germany would be considered halbtrocken or medium dry).  Imagine having a salty cheese & then biting into a sour cherry….or having a sorbet.  It really is a wonderful pairing.  Furthermore….on an especially hot day, this really can be a perfect foil to make you smile again, in relief.   lambrusco1

 Fattoria Moretto, on the other hand,  is located in the heart & hills of Castelvetro & its silt/clay soils.  Of the 8 or so Lambrusco DOC, Lambrusco Grasparossa de Castelvetro is know most for their intense, terroir driven renditions, & this is a prime example.  The fruit is darker–ripe cherries/blackberries versus the tart cherries of the above wine….more base notes, with a brambly edge….though still thankfully light on its feet, lively, exhuberantly fruity & delicious.  Well worth searching for.  We recommend you serve it cool…..AND often.

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