A Taste of 3 Austrian Wines

Just the other day we tasted 3 interesting Austrian wines you might want to consider.  The first 2 come from Heidi Schrock.  The 10 acre estate vineyard is located in the village of Rust (Burgenland), which is roughly 5 miles from the Hungarian border.  The ampitheater of rolling, sandy, southfacing hillsides (with some clay & calcareous) near Lake Neusiedel traditionally result in rich, viscous wines. 

2012 Gelber Muskateller  w-1

This grape variety is believed to be the same as the Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains, & comprises 95%, of this wine, with the remaining 5% being Muscat Ottonel. Fermented in stainless, there is 3 grams per liter residual sugar, 5 total acidity & finished off at 13.5 alcohol.  As expected this wine has very perfumed, “crazy kine” fruity aromatics–lychee immediately comes to mind with lots of ripe pears & a distinct wet stone minerality.  The has lots of viscosity, bordering unctuous with a liveliness in the middle & finish.

2012 Rose Biscaya

I haven’t yet been able to find out what grape varieties make up this blend.  I was told there were 8?….which tells me there must be some white grapes included.  The wine is fermented in stainless steel & some old wood.  It has 3.8 grams per liter of residual sugar and 6.6 total acidity.  This is NOT a light ethereal PINK wine.  It, too, has viscosity with a distinct textural edge going on.  It however is NOT heavy at all….BUT I would look to pair with lighter meats, charcuterie & even stews.  W-2

2006 Wallner Namenlos

Namenlos means Nameless & comes fro the Sudburgenland, one of the smallest growing areas (500 hectares) & coolest.  They are known for their genuine, typical, earthy Blaufrankisch red wines, which are hearty, extroverted yet delicious.  This cuvee is produced from vines which average 40 years in age & aged in old oak.

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