Interesting White Wines

Another fabulous tasting get together at our VINO restaurant featuring 4 interesting 2012 white wines.

acc22012 Chateau Feuillett Petite Arvine

Petite Arvine is a highly regarded grape variety best showcased from the Valais region of Switzerland.  This 100% rendition hails from a very unique parcel located in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta.

The vines sit in a very shallow sandy soil, but their feet wriggle into crevices in the solid granite bedrock. Any rain is quickly dried out by cleansing winds. And the vineyards are planted on an ancient riverbed, where over the millennia the Dora Baltea River has cut through the mountain, creating the current river valley and leaving behind mineral deposits that the wines happily lap up. The trump card, however, may be the exposition of the vineyards, which in combination with the chilly climate, high altitude, and drastic diurnal temperature shifts provides the magic charm sought by vignerons everywhere: extremely long hours of gentle sunlight”.

 2012 Manni Nössing Müller Thurgau “Sass Regais”  acc1

 “Manni Nössing is located in Alto Adige—or Südtirol of northeast Italy, specifically in the town of Bressanone (a.k.a. Brixen), less than twenty miles south of the Austrian border, amid the towering peaks of the Dolomites. Manni’s vineyards benefit from the mountain climate and steep slopes of glacial deposit that make up the Valle Isarco, the narrow valley to the northeast of Bolzano that is known for its fresh, aromatic whites.  His Müller Thurgau perfectly exemplifies the house style of precision, freshness, class, and minerality”.

 2012 Virgona Salina Bianco

Salina is a small Island located somewhere between Sicily & the southern tip of southern Italy. We were thrilled to get some of the 2011 & are even more excited with the fabulous 2012.  They say, this wine is produced from the Inzolia & Cataratto grape varieties, but I would wager there is also a smidgeon of Malvasia blended in as well.  Even more intriguing is how smells & character from the sun baked stones & wild shrub from the surrounding countryside find its way into the wine in addition to a saline edge which must come from the nearby ocean somehow.  

2012 Domaine Skouras Moschofilero

Here is an absolutely terrific Greek white wine produced from the Moschofilero grape variety, grown at between 1000 & 2000 feet elevation in a very unique volcanic soil.  Because the grape vine malady, phylloxera does NOT like this soil, these vines are still on its own roots.  In addition to wine’s wonderful perfume, it also has a very unique texture/viscosity, which is why it is being served last in  this line-up.

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