Newly Arrived Red Wines 01-14-14



Mike Officer & his team are one of the VERY TOP producers of Zinfandel out of California today..  His are real formidable, highly acclaimed wines, that’s for sure, which are well worth seeking out.

Zinfandel “Saitone Ranch” 2011—is another old vine vineyard (planted in 1895) in that Olivet Lane corridor.  The 2011 is 92% Zinfandel & 8% “other grape varieties.  The wine sees 16 months in oak (22% new) & bottled unfiltered & unfined.

Zinfandel “Carlisle Vineyard” 2011—is his own ranch, planted in 1927 on Olivet Lane & organically farmed.  The 2011 is 82% Zinfandel & 18% other grape varieties (38 in all).  Wild yeast fermented, 16 months in oak (27% new), bottled unfiltered, unfined.   abbb4


It wasn’t that long ago, when most Loire Valley reds appeared to look more darker hued rose.  Well, Global Warming took care of that!  In any case, one can find some real interesting, provocative, crispy, snappy reds with attitude with some searching.  One of the reasons, I started checking out wines like this more & more, aside from their uniqueness & interesting-ness, was to find more wine selections which could aptly fill the gap between Pinot & Cabernet, in terms of weight & extract without compromising food friendliness.  Yes, they are hard to find, especially the interesting ones (as opposed to the correctly made ones).   Here are 2—

2012 Chateau d’Epire Anjou Rouge “Clos Cerisale”—Chateau d’Epire is located in the small appellation of Savennieres where from schist soiled vineyards of Chenin Blanc, they produce a stark, severe in its youth, masculine, honeyed-floral, hard white wine, which with some bottle age, it changes into an exotically perfumed, honeyed, intriguing, mesmerizing white wine, which is truly like no other.  They also get some Cabernet Franc grapes from the Anjou appellation to produce this delicious, provocative & rustic scented lighter bodied red.  Given the price tag, one can have a lot of fun with unique red, especially with foods.

2011 C&P Breton Bourgueil “Trinch”—we were so honored & thrilled to have Catherine Breton come to Hawaii last year.  We had been trying to get her Bourgueil Red wines to Hawaii for quite some time.  This dynamic winemaking duo well represent the New Age generation of wine in France.  Their wines are brilliantly crafted & some of the true standouts of their region.  At the same time, as you will see with this bottling, they still honor, respect & showcase the unique-ness, rusticity & authenticity of terroir, whether it is Vouvray or Bourgueil.  Trinch, means “Cheers” someplace in the world.  Trinch to me means a really tasty, wildly rustic, masculine, surly, sultry, snappy, outlandish Loire Valley Cabernet Franc which has finally made its way to the Islands….at least legally. No one can say, this is gentle, ethereal or finesse oriented wine, that’s for sure.   It too lies somewhere between Pinot & Cabernet in terms of weight & extract.

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