Wine & “Small” Plates 04-20-14

We looked to taste advantage of Easter Sunday at Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas, to do another night of “small” plates served on a cart.  Not only are the small plates tasty & craete an opportunity to try a bunch of different tastes, it is also a golden opportunity to try out different wine pairings too.  Here are some to think about–

14Somen “Nicoise” Saladyukari seared ahi, quail egg, Kalamata olives, haricot vert, grape tomatoes & soy sesame vinaigrette

WINE: 2006 Milz Riesling Medium Dry “180 degrees”–we needed a slightly aged (8 years old), ever-so slightly off dry Riesling, because of the slightly sweet & slightly salty sesame vinaigrette.  It is amazing what a little age will do to a wine like this!12

Seared Scallopserved on a bed of seaweed salad with Shinsato pork broth & wasabi-XO ragout

WINE:  2007 Theo Minges Riesling Medium Dry “Estate”–Minges is from the Pfalz region of Germany & his wines therefore have a little bit more round-ness, which we needed for the pork broth, with just enough sweetness to take off the salty edge created by the XO sauce which is mixed in.  13

Home-made Squid Ink Linguine with deep fried Kauai Shrimp, Manila clams, calamari & Asian Clam jus

WINE:  2012 Hans Wirsching Scheurebe DRY–this 2012 Wirsching Scheurebe has a real lemongrass, green thing permeating through the minerality & lime-citrus character which mixes in well with the galanghal & lemongrass components fused in with the Asian clam jus.  Plus the wine’s crisp, lime fresh edge keeps the palate cleansed & refreshened between bites.

Seared Kampachi with pancetta risotto & English pea broth  11

WINE: 2012 Champalou Vouvray “Sec”–is an absolutely riveting, minerally, remarkably light & ethereal white wine from France’s Loire Valley.  We find the wine’s minerality very compelling & adds to the refreshing edge of this wine.  Furthermore, as we have noted in the past, these aromatic white wines really help to heighten vegetable & fresh herb character of dishes like this.

15Yukari Mochi with ume sauce

WINE: Filippo Gallino Birbet–is a fizzy, wonderfully fruity, low alcohol RED wine produced from the Brachetto grape variety, which is grown in this case in Roero, Italy.  (The same grape variety grown in between the towns of Asti & Alba in the more famous regions of Piemonte, which follow the appropriate governmental restrictions, can be labeled as Brachetto d’Acqui).  In many instances, however, I prefer the Birbet, because it is more joyous, unpretenious & fun lovin’!  This is one of those occasions.

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