1981 Laurel Glen Cabernet Sauvignon “Sonoma Mountain”

What a great reminder this wine was tonight!  Thank you so much to the Tatsumotos for sharing.

laurel geln4Yes, having this wine reminding me how in the 1980’s & 90’s, Laurel Glen produced some stellar Cabernet Sauvignons, in fact, some of our very favorites out of California.  On this night, the wine gang saved a glass of this remarkably amazing 1981.

34 years old!….with a surprisingly youthful, solid core, structure & hutzpah.  I then thought about of the aged Californian Cabernets I have been fortunate to taste over the past couple of years & I was even more appreciative how truly special this 1981 was.  In fact, it was the 1977 Ridge Montebello that dazzled me last & that was at least 4 years ago.

A toast to winemakers Patrick Campbell & Ray Kauffman for the dedication & skill for such a wine!

AND, thank you again Sara & Ryan for sharing this.  Talk about having a wine at the perfect time of its life!

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