2006 DeVillaine Mercurey “Les Montots”

It was a very busy night in VINO.  My wife, Cheryle, came in to help.  It’s not often the staff get to hear her insights of the world of wines, so we took this opportunity to open a bottle of wine to show the staff a different perspective on wine & have Cheryle chime in.

AA2 De VillaineWe chose to showcase the 2006 DeVillaine Mercurey “Les Montots”.  Why?  Mainly to remind people that, while BIG, opulent, powerful, lavish red wines are IN right now, hopefully there is still a niche for more finesseful, pure, elegant & refined wines like this too. And so, by tasting such a wine, it will make our younger team members experience a different perspective.

I absolutely loved the alluring perfume, the sheer purity & transparency, finesse, fragility, etherealness & the superb balance of this wine.  OMG.

Several other thoughts came to mind, since tasting it last night.

Interestingly, when this wine was released, it showed alot of fruit, in fact, too much so for my taste, but I bought it anyway because it was from DeVillaine.  Today…amazingly…..the mineral is in the forefront, not the fruit…..& this uplifting, mesmerizing minerality makes this wine so captivating, ethereal & interesting both in the nose & taste.

Furthermore, I thought 2006, though only lukewarmly received by the media, would evolve into wines that would be refined & offer wonderful perfume.  This is an example of what one could only hope for.  I only wish I had more!

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