Communal Table in VINO 05-19-16

We haven’t done a “Communal Table” in VINO for a while, so we thought to do another on this night.  For those who don’t understand the concept, everyone sits on BB8one long table to enjoy a meal with wine pairings by Chuck. You might not know each other in the beginning of the night, but by the end of the evening, hopefully, you will have new found friends. Kind of like what a family does at home…..good food, good wine…..good fun! Isn’t that the VINO way?

Stromboli with soppressata, mozzarella & fresh basil

FIRST COURSE   (served family style)

BB2 sausageBB3 RoseHomemade Sausages

–spicy fennel pork, veal, sage

–chicken & sun dried tomatoes

with roasted peppers, moustardo, pickled Kako’o ’Owi Farms vegetables

wine: My Essential Rose–since the pork-veal-sage sausage had some heat to it, we needed a wine which would cool.  Furthermore, this lighter, ethereal pink wine also acted like cranberry does at the Thanksgiving feast–refreshing the palate between bites.


BB4 beef shankBB5 Petite SirahHomemade Spaghettini

Hamakua mushrooms, braised Big Island beef shank, Nalo Farms Swiss Chard & chimichurri

wine: Hybrid Petite Sirah–just enough hutzpah for the braised beef shank, earthiness & spice for the chimichurri, but still delicious & gulpable needed for a family meal.


BB6 chickenBB7 ValpolicellaENTRÉE

Brick Oven Roasted Organic Chicken

herbed Yukon Gold potato, creamy truffled polenta, charred baby bok choy

sauces—romesco, creamy basil pesto, country sausage gravy

wine: Tedeschi Valpolicella “Lucchine”–these kinds of delicious, food friendly “country” styled wines are ideal for the family dinner.


Fresh Berry Crostata

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