“White Wines from Southern France” 06-09-16

For the longest time, southern France was never thought of as producing top flight, world class wines.  Over the past 20 or so years, we are seeing, however, an emergence of really interesting, terroir driven wines produced from various nooks & crannies & by families who had a vision to bring their wines into the modern era, without compromising what makes them so special & unique.  Here are four true standouts!–produced from indigenous grape varieties and masterfully crafted by some of the very best. Yes, this is a quartet one can readily measure other wines you taste to. I think this is an incredible learning opportunity.

aa 1 Gros2010 Domaine Gros Nore Bandol

Here is your chance to taste the scarce white wine from one of the true stars of the Bandol appellation. 70% Ugni Blanc, 30% Clairette. They farm sixteen hectares of vineyards on the rolling hillsides around La Cadière d’Azur, composed of both clay and limestone, imparting a pronounced structure of earthy, splintered rock.  Yes, this wine is very stony & masculine with lots of vigor & structure that’s for sure.  I wonder how it would taste with some bottle age?

2013 Clos Ste Magdeleine Cassis  Cassisaa 2 Cassis

Historically, this is one of THE true, iconic white wines of southern France. 40% Marsanne, 30% Ugni blanc, 25% Clairette, 5% Bourboulenc. The vineyards of Clos Sainte Magdeleine jut out on a private cape to meet majestic limestone cliffs, poised spectacularly above the sparkling, azure Mediterranean. One can smell & taste the resulting ocean character, which also makes it quite the pairing with bouillabaisse & other seafood stews.

aa 4 Magnonmagnon2014 Maxime Magnon “La Begou”

Primarily Grenache Gris Some Grenache Blanc in schist-limestone soils in steep, high altitude vineyards & farmed organically & biodynamically. It was but only a few years ago when we couldn’t get any of the Magnon wines to Hawaii. Here is your chance to taste one of them!  While this wine star produces more delicious, seemingly fruit forward red wines, this white bottling is quite masculine, stony &, hearty with lots of mojo & attitude.

2014 Domaine La Tour Vieille Collioure “Les Canadells”  Collioureaa 3 La Tour

70% Grenaches blanc et gris, 10% Macabeo, 10% Roussane, 10% Vermentino. The seaport village of Collioure is located right on the Mediterranean, where the Pyranees Mountains dives into the sea, near the Spanish border. Domaine La Tour Vieille is the standout producer. They passionately farm the very steep, schist hillsides to make produce their standout red (& one white) wines. This is a virile, masculine white born of the rock & sun baked earth surrounding this impossibly steep site. Intriguing, totally unique & a fabulous, mesmerizing drink!


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