A Pair of 2006 Red Burgundies

Last night a friend came into VINO & had two 2006 red Burgundies–2006 DeVillaine Bourgogne “La Digoine” & the 2006 Robert Chevillon Nuits St Georges.  Both wines were stunning in a very transparent, ethereal style.  I remember when they were first released, the 2006’s were quite overshadowed by the hype & high acclaim of the 2005’s.  Still, I chose to buy more 2006 than 2005, partly because of the price difference, but also because I thought the ’06’s would be so glorious & more “classic” with some bottle age.  (The 2005’s, in comparison, would take considerable amount of bottle age to come out of its cocoon).  aa1 digoine

The 2006 La Digoine was so sheer (like lace), pure & pretty.  The color was lighter hued & very transparent.  The perfume was enticing, alluring & so refined…..qualities I could have only hopedaa1 NSG would evolve.  I was so mesmerized with each whiff as the wine opened up with air.  I wish I had bought more.

The 2006 Chevillon Nuits St Georges had a much more meaty, musky, autumn humus smell to it, more masculine with more pedigree & “meat on the bones”.  The muskiness was compelling, quite beguiling & I kept wanting to dive back in for more.  (This wine also made it clearer to me, how so remarkably sheer & ethereal the “La Digoine” was.)

Yes, these 2006 wines were something to behold & are just now opening up again.

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