Is Bitterness IN?

My wife & I dined at a hot, newer restaurant recently.  The rosé Cheryle ordered by the glass was from a rather obscure appellation & a hip producer.  While it was tasty, we both found it somewhat bitter & inadvertantly clashed with the foods we were eating, which is at least partly why I believe she only had the one glass.  It was not something we discussed or thought much about while dining, but it was something I certainly thought about later.

The question I then asked–is bitterness now IN?

It seems we encounter wines by the glass at restaurants more & more which have a bitter finish.  In addition, many of the cocktails we taste also have a bitter edge, especially those made from whiskies.  The same can be said about many of the hotshot craft beers we taste, especially in the IPA & Double IPA categories.

So in addition to climbing alcohol levels more frequently found in wines today, one can also add the increase & seeming acceptance of bitterness levels.

Furthermore, I am also quite amazed to see how many people don’t seem to notice or mind how the higher alcohol & bitterness really affects pairing with foods.

Yes, tastes have certainly changed.

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