Wine on the rocks?

Wine on the Rocks???

A year or 2 ago, while talking with a long time, wise, wine friend, whose palate and vast knowledge I greatly respect, we reminisced about the old days while sipping a favorite red wine from France’s Beaujolais region.  Early on in the conversation, he matter of factly asked for a glass of ice.  I didn’t think much of that, figuring he would use the ice to cool off, as he was obviously hot & perspiring.   When the large glass of ice arrived, much to my surprise, he poured the Beaujolais he was drinking into the glass over the ice!

Yes, I was astounded!  Here was a wine, produced from vines well over 100 years old, organically and biodynamically farmed, whose family had owned for over 500 years and produced as au naturally as possible, being poured over ice and then gulped!  Wine blasphemy?  Shouldn’t wines like this be swirled, sipped and savored?  I think the wine’s family would think so.  I also think most wine aficionados would think so.

After his first gulp, my friend simply let out a big “Ahhhhhh”, accompanied with a big smile.

He looked at me and sensed my obvious wonderment and then added, “Wow, that was good!  Try it.”  I did……AND I liked it.  It was cold, completely refreshing and thirstquenching.  I got it.  While the wine is one of my favorites when served normally, it took on a whole ‘nother personality served over ice.

Now, I am certainly not advocating to do so with all wines, but in cases like this with a  wine whose style is really about deliciousness, lightness on the palate, refreshing and uplifting acidity, serving it on the rocks on an especially warm August day, really did make sense.

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