PINK Wines from around the Mediterranean

We are continually amazed at how fast the craze for pink wines has exponentially taken off here in the Islands.  Finally!   Yes, it is seasonally the time to start enjoying pink wines & here are four VERY unique renditions well worth checking out!

Elvio Tintero Rosato–This small, family owned and run estate has been around since 1900 and we initially fell in love with their effortlessly light, fizzy, wonderfully ethereal Moscato, but in just the past few vintages, we have also become quite fascinated and enamored with their other “country” styled wines. Here is their fizzy rose—mostly Barbera, with a tiny bit of Moscato and Favorita juice blended in to get the bubble making started. Because of the unique way they produce this wine, it cannot be vintage dated.


2015 Maestracci Corse Calvi “E Prove”–Thankfully today, roses come in many different styles and colors and the diversity is so welcome. Here is a darker colored more masculine one from the remote and rugged Isle of Corsica. Produced from equal parts of the two most intriguing, indigenous grape varieties of the island—Nielluciu and Sciacarellu. This rather hearty, very flavorful rose somehow captures the character and fortitude of the wild countryside that surrounds the vineyard.


2014 Punta Crena Barbarossa–This is a very unique, darker colored, masculine rose from the hills of Liguria, Italy right on the ocean.This steep, rocky vineyard has been cultivated for well over 500 years by the Ruffino family. The true Barbarossa grape variety is said to be grown by this one family in one village. It is VERY different from what is called Barbarossa in other appellations and, furthermore, this wine somehow captures the essences of the sun baked rocks, wild shrub/herbs surrounding the vineyard and the sea 1000 meters away, down below.


2015 Terrebrune Bandol Rose–We now feel this rose is at the head of the class in the category of Bandol and Provencal pink wines. It certainly has something to do with limestone pebble/clay surface soils and the blue limestone/marl subsoils, which gives the wine its vitality and innate freshness! BUT, we should also mention how the intuative winemaking gives the wines refinement, nuance and superb balance.

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