Mano e Mano

Tasting wines side by side (mano e mano) can really shed very interesting insight into better understanding the wines tasted. At least, that is our goal for this night. Two pairs of wines.

2015 Faury Syrah “Collines Rhodaniennes

2015 Faury St Joseph

I have a real fascination with the Syrah based red wines, especially those from France’s Rhone Valley. So, here are two, mano e mano. Faury is one of the real shining stars championing the Syrah grape variety in the northern Rhone Valley. Their Collines Rhodaniennes bottling is produced from vines planted on the plateaus (flatter aspect, deeper top soil) above the steep hillsides and VERY different from their hillside grown (thin layer of top soil, more extreme growing conditions) St Joseph bottling. Here is your chance to compare the two—side by side—mano e mano. As you will see, BOTH are pure, transparent, provocative & soulful Syrah, from one of the VERY best artisan Syrah masters out the France, each with a different thing to say.

2013 CF Wines Riesling Medium Dry “Euro-Asian”

2009 Gunderloch Riesling Spatlese “Nackenheimer Rothenberg”

Both of these wines are produced from hillside vines, planted in red slate soils rising above the Rhine River of Germany. The CF Wines Euro-Asian” Riesling is crafted exclusively for our restaurants & our style of cooking, especially at the Sansei’s. It is medium dry, stony, lush & fabulous with foods. We then decided to pour the 2009 Gunderloch Spatlese next to it—longer hang time on the vines—& therefore more mojo & physiological maturity—done slightly sweet, lower in alcohol AND this one has more bottle age.  Interesting comparison!  Sadly, the patriarch of this family domaine, Fritz Hasselbach passed away last year.  He was certainly one of my favorite wine friends in the world.  He had a GREAT sense of humor, a really kind heart, was so sincere AND grew & made superb wine, like few others could.  Thankfully, his son, Johannes, is now running the show (& has been for several years now).  There is no better, as he devoutly understands their cru vineyard, their culture & where they came from.  He also has new ideas & we greatly look forward to the future.


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