PINK Wines 08-17-17

I am always re-amazed at how PINK wines have meteorically grown in popularity. Finally! One of the side effects of Rosés being en vogue, however, is that an inevitably growing number of not so good, commercially minded renditions pop up and continue to pop up….which in my opinion can either suffocate the store shelves with more plonk than good OR wine tasters will become leery of pink colored wines again. No….PLEASE……we cannot let that happen again. That was the inspiration for this night’s tasting, four standout PINK wines to show tasters what can be. To make things even more fun, we will serve BLIND! 

2014 Leccia Patrimono Rosé–A PINK specialty from one of the most revered producers out of Corsica and deservedly so. 80% Niellucciu & 20% Grenache grown in the remote, rugged, wild countryside, this is a masculine, hearty pink-ster which also thankfully has elegance & refinement. 

2016 Hans Wirsching Rosé Trocken–from the Franconia winegrowing region of Germany near the town of Iphof.  Although I have had this winery’s rosés in the past, I have not purchased any until this one. It not only is drastically different (a blend of Pinot Meunier, Portugeiser & Domina rather than Pinot Noir dominated), but it is also a real standout! Yes, if you treasure prettiness, perfume, finesse, deliciousness and ethereal lightness, you will enjoy this wine too! 

2016 Marquiliani Sciaccarellu Rosé–Produced from the indigenous Sciaccarellu grape variety (& 10% Syrah) on the remote eastern coast of Corsica, This for me is truly one of the most special renditions produced today. As importer Kermit Lynch aptly says—Drinking her rosé is like drinking a cloud. There’s an absolute weightlessness to it. Nothing is left on the palate but perfume.”  

2015 Regis Bouvier Marsannay Rosé–To help put this wine in perspective—the soils here are mostly limestone, the kind of limestone which is world famous for alluring, beguiling, elusive Pinot Noir RED wines. The village of Marsannay, however, is located at the top of the heralded Cotes de Nuits and has historically provided a kind of a warm up to the BIG GUN villages just a bit further south. For me, it also has been the home of some very noteworthy PINK wines, which Bouvier producing the most ethereal, pretty and delicious.

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