A Walk Through the James Berry Vineyard of Paso Robles

The now iconic James Berry Vineyard is located in the Willow Creek district of westside Paso Robles.  Now, 45 acres planted, there is a waiting list of winemakers trying to get even a smidgeon of grapes.  Justin Smith now runs this family vineyard & in addition has his own wine label, Saxum, which is one of the most ballyhoo-ed wine projects out of California today.  We had a chance to walk the vineyard with him & some friends recently (Adam Tolmach, Ojai Vineyard; Cris Cherry, Villa Creek; Michael Sinor, Ancient Peaks, Nunzio Alioto MS, Mark Shishido, Wine Director-Alan Wong’s Restaurant; Stewart Cameron, Ancient Peaks & my wife Cheryle–all pictured).










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