Which wine is your favorite?

I was fortunate to attend quite the winetasting today.  There were many really good wine featured.  Furthermore, almost all were family owned & operated & showcased their respective place of origin, authentically & in a very tasteful manner.

Here was the list–2012 Scaggs “Montage”; 2015 Le Pigeoulet Rouge “Vaucluse”;  2013 Les Vignes Oubliees “Terrasses du Larzac”;  2015 Domaine Roches Neuves Saumur Champigny “Terres Chaudes”; 2015 Domaine Joncier Lirac “Les Muses”; 2014 Famille Brunier Vieux Chateauneuf du Pape “Telegramme”; 2012 Gallety “Cotes du Vivarais”; 2014 Famille Brunier Chateauneuf du Pape “Piedlong”; 2015 Domaine Vinci “Rafalot”; 2015 Domaine Arretxea Irrouleguy;  2014 Francois Lumpp Givry Premier Cru “A Vigne”; 2013 Francois Lumpp Givry Premier Cru “A Vigne”; 2014 Francois Lumpp Givry Premier Cru “Petite Marole”; 2014 Guillemont Savigny les Beaune “Picotin”; 2014 Chateau Fontanes “Pic St.Loup” Rose;  2015 Domaine Arretxea Irouleguy Rose; 2014 Domaine du Durban Vaucluse Blanc; Punta Crena Spumante Brut; 2015 Quenard Vin de Savoie “Abymes”; 2015 Manni Nossing Sylvaner; 2015 Manni Nossing Kerner; 2015 Vignai da Duline Friulano; 2013 Maxime Magnon La Begou Blanc; 2014 Francois Lumpp Givry Blanc Premier Cru “Petite Marole”; 2014 Olivier Savary Chablis “Vieilles Vignes”; 2008 Chateau D’Epire Savennieres; 2014 Domaine De L’Alliance “Suve Des Eaux”.







One of our fellow employees who could not make the tasting, asked, which one was your favorite?


How could one even begin to try & select one wine as THE favorite?   In this case, they all had something unique to say.

After much thought, my reply was–why do I have to choose?  Can I not appreciate my son for who he is AND my daughter for who she is AND NOT choose a favorite?

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