A Tasting of Four Corsican Rosé Wines @ VINO.

PINK wines are IN and the category is meteorically growing in popularity. I have watched this category transition greatly over the years and currently those from Provence are the most en vogue. Not all pink wines are grown or created equally and considering our rustic style of cooking, one of the rosé niches we are looking to more and more in VINO are the more masculine, wonderfully savory renditions. I just came back from Corsica which has been on my wish list for thirty-plus years and which has inspired this tasting.

On this night we will taste FOUR of the island’s top pink wines—each from a different appellation and their finest resident producer. Each well represents what this wild, remote countryside has to offer and therefore a wonderful, innate savoriness rather than fruitiness to its core. They should show tasters the vast potential of what this island is capable of producing. I suggest you jump on the bandwagon now and beat the crowds, the inevitable long wait lists and escalating prices.

After all, how often do opportunities like this come around? (we will do another tasting featuring Corsican red wines on another day.)

2015 Maestracci Rosé “E Prove”–From the Calvi appellation (northwest—highlighted in light purple)…a hearty, masculine style. A very important winery for the future, as they really over deliver for the dollar. 50% each Niellucciu and Sciaccarellu grown in clay-sand on granite. NO ML.  Yes, this is a very masculine, savory, earth driven pink wine AND remarkably food friendly.  It is the quintessential pairing with our Braised Spanish Octopus served with the ham hock stew.

 2017 YL Leccia Rosé “Île de Beauté”–From the Patrimonio appellation (north—highlighted in dark purple)…a very stylish, more refined pinkster done with a more contemporary style. 70% Niellucciu and 30% Sciaccarellu, grown in clay, limestone and schist. NO ML.  Almost seems like Corsica wine crafted by a Burgundian trained winemaker.

2017 Abbatucci Rosé “Cuvée Faustine”–From the Ajaccio appellation (west—highlighted in red)…Jean Charles Abbatucci is regarded as one of the very top vignerons in all of Corsica. He is a fiery proponent of heirloom, indigenous vines grown uber-biodynamic. 90% Sciaccarellu, 10% Barbarossa and grown in granitic soils. NO ML.  This star rosé is really worth seeking out.

2017 Clos Canarelli Figari RoséFrom the Figari appellation (south—highlighted in brown)…another of the standout vignerons of the island. 50% Sciaccarellu, 30% Niellucciu and 20% Grenache (for finesse), grown in granitic, red alluvial soil and biodynamically farmed. Partial ML.  A sizzling hot pinkster which will take you some work to get.  I would say, they blend the old & the new so well & the wines therefore appeal to a wide spectrum of seasoned tasters.

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