A Different Perspective on what Beaujolais Can be

People continually ask why we carry the wines we do. Yes, there is always an opportunity to carry & showcase the latest, the most happening wine find, the rage amongst all of the wine professionals across the country. Sommeliers/wine buyers scramble to make sure they are the first to carry & offer the next “it” wine. Our question is, isn’t there also an opportunity to feature more classical wines? Those that are typical of a grape variety, a region, the soils & climate in which they are grown? Hopefully, renditions produced by small, artisan estates handed down through the generations. Here is your chance to try FOUR really unique and interesting French Beaujolais, each from a true vigneron of the region! To me a vigneron is a master of his craft who works with a code, discipline, skill, passion and dedication for their craft. This “honor” is for a select few who embrace and masterfully work through a grape, a vine, a vineyard and create magic like few others can. They also carry the torch of what their forefathers entrusted. Furthermore, we just love how savory and food friendly each is, without any sense of heaviness or gaudiness. What an opportunity!

2017 Dupeuble Beaujolais Rosé–Pink wines are currently sizzling hot in the marketplace. Finally! This is one of our favorites because it is a truly authentic, artisan rendition. This family has been farming & nurturing their estate vineyard for over 500 years after all! Their wines are so wonderfully delicious, charming, completely gulpable & satisfying. Three to seventy year old vines, organically and biodynamically farmed, direct pressed, wild yeast fermented and aged in stainless steel with NO malolactic. We wanted to start this tasting of Beaujolais right & here is the lead off batter.

2013 Guy Breton Beaujolais Villages “Marylou”–Guy Breton is one of the founding members of the iconic “Gang of Four”, a band of like minded vignerons looking to grow and produce wines as their forefathers did AND in as natural a way as they could. Breton’s wines tend to be the lightest in color, the lowest in tannins and alcohol of the gang. The half hectare parcel of fifty year old vines used for this bottling is but 500 meters from his Cru Morgon plot. It definitely has a rightful place at the dinner table.   We feature this wine so one can see the difference low sulfur use can have….AND…with a little bottle age. 

2015 Marcel Lapierre Morgon–Marcel Lapierre is reverently considered the leader of the “Gang of Four”. Following the teaching of legendary Jules Chauvet in search of producing “natural wine”, Lapierre and his contemporaries “changed the game” and now generations subsequently are questioning how to grow and produce wines more and more than ever. He certainly was a founding forefather. We were sad to hear of Marcel’s passing at the end of 2010, right after his last grapes were harvested. The family continues with his philosophies and practices. This is his much heralded 2015, just to show the legacy continues.

Nicole Chanrion Brut “Effervescence”–Nicole Chanrion is a vehement vigneron, completely respected and revered for her mastery of skills, passion and incredible dedication. A vigneron is an honor, a code, a reverence. Her 6.5 hectare site lies in “the Côte-de-Brouilly appellation, which sits on the hillsides of Mont Brouilly, a prehistoric volcano that left blue schist stones and volcanic rock along its slopes” and her Côte-de-Brouilly reds are some of the very best, not only out of this Cru, but one could easily also say out of Beaujolais. One of her daring side projects is produce a sparkling wine—using fifty year old vines of Gamay Noir—vinified méthode Champenoise with 18 months on the lees. Since they’ve now proven that Gamay Noir is a descendent of Pinot Noir, this is a VERY interesting and unique bubbly which captures the stoniness of her granitic soils, the vinosity of her old vines and the precision, purity, detail, exuberant jovialty and feistiness of Nicole Chanrion herself.

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