Fizzy White Wines & Regional Foods

The inspiration for this dinner was our first night in San Sebastián, Spain.  We watched the bartender pour us glasses of Txakoli, a fizzy, often dry white, “country” styled, wine from the area.  I was so mesmerized with my first taste.  I found these fizzy wines can create a very different and unique dining experience, totally remarkable and quite a revelation from a completely different perspective.  I became ALL IN with the concept on that night.

The challenge became finding good ones and  I have been waiting for the right wines AND the right time to do a dinner, which captures that captivating moment of fizzy wine and the appropriate kinds of foods.  This is that night and here is the menu.  What a fabulous dinner.  Thank you to all who came.

trio of antipasti

Brie Crostini balsamic reduction & braised onions

Basque Style Pork Belly peppers & San Marzano tomatoes

Castelvetrano Olives white anchovy & shishito peppers

WINE: Amezrtoi Getariako Txakolinaa fresh, fizzy, uplifting Txakoli from Spain’s basque region—a style typically & readily served in San Sebastián, Spain with their regional tapas. (Finally, we found one!)


second course

Semolina Crusted Seafood Fritti alla Liguriacalamari, fish, shrimp, octopus, pepperoncini, fennel, arugula and roasted Roma tomatoes  

WINE: Punta Crena Lumassina FrizzanteLumassina is an indigenous grape variety to Liguria and typically served with the regional seafood fritti. This family has been growing and producing their wines for over 500 years.



Pan Seared Snapperlinguine, Genovese pesto, haricot vert, pancetta & toasted pine nuts

WINE: Birichino Malvasia Bianca “Petulant Naturale”grown & produced in Monterey, California—this wonderfully perfumed, fizzy, off dry to dry white is made in the ancestrale methode of sparkling wine production. It’s crazy, exotic aromatics works magic with Genovese pesto & this wine just keeps the palate fresh & alive between bites.



Maui Gold Upside Down CakeLappert’s vanilla ice cream & warm caramel sauce

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