“Rosé Wine & Food” 09-15-19

“Rosé Wine & Food”

This is the next episode in our quest to shed a different light on what pairing wines and foods can be. The culinary world, after all, has greatly changed during my professional career and this is my opportunity to show another dimension to it all. Yes, quite another interesting and unique wine dinner. If you have attended our previous dinners, you know how eye opening they can be. Nothing fancy……..just plain good!

Pink wines are definitely IN. Finally.

Having said that the challenge is finding the “good” ones, as not all Rose wines are created equal. We will feature three very tasty, interesting and unique renditions for this evening. We have worked hard to get these wines, because they are so different and each provides a glimpse of their respective region, their indigenous grape variety and each done in a VERY different style.

VINO Chef Keith Endo created dishes for each of these pink wines and we hope the wines and the pairings will not only taste good, but will shed light on what can be.



WINE: Encostas do Lima Vinho Verde Rosé–A bright eyed and bushy tailed Pinkster from Portugal.  “Vinho Verde country is located in northeastern Portugal and is the largest demarcated wine region in Portugal. Soils are poor with an underlying granite base. The 2018 is 75 % Souazao (a local Port grape), 15 % Borracal (also known as Caiño Tinto), and 10 % Espadeiro (Galician Grape type used for rose wine production, specially)”.  This wine acts as the cranberry does at the Thanksgiving table–freshens & revitalizes the palate between bites.

FOOD: Braised Chicken & Homemade Ricotta Raviolilight tomato, celery and onion, smoked paprika “stew” & eggplant, Kalamata olive and caper tapenade




 WINE: Hofer Zweigelt Rosé–Upon first glance, this is a lighter-hued pink wine and is much more ethereal and minerally on the palate and is clearly different from the other two (please remember NOT all pink wines are created equal.) This is exactly why Chef Keith created this dish for this wine.  “The Hofer family farms vineyards in Auersthal, a dead-still little wine village in the Weinviertel, Austria, just barely beyond Vienna’s northern suburbs. The gently rolling hills in in this village are made up of deep loess soils and are planted predominantly to grüner veltliner, in addition to some Zweigelt. Zweigelt is one the country’s most popular RED wine grape varieties. Who would have thought an Austria Rosé could be so good AND make such a lovely pairing?”

FOOD:  Charred Spanish Octopus “Nicoise” Saladbaby arugula, castevetrano olives, grated egg, fingerling potato & sherry vinaigrette





WINE: Clos La Coutale Malbec Rosé–Cahors is a wine appellation in southwest France, which hasn’t changed much in appearance over the years.  “Amidst dramatic rock formations and cliffs, the Lot River slowly snakes its way along the valley floor, coiling covetously around the charming town of Cahors. Cahors is also the birthplace of Cot, the grape more commonly known as Malbec. The Bernède family is an intricate part of this tradition, watching over one of the region’s oldest domaines that was founded before the French Revolution”.  This is the first time we have purchased this wine. It’s time has finally come. 100% Malbec, wild yeast fermented and aged in stainless steel for one month on its fine lees. We love its masculinity, earthy, savory pungency and how delicious it still is.

FOOD:  Slow Roasted Moroccan Spiced Pork Chop–couscous, harissa vegetables & chimichurri




 FOOD:  Caramel Panna Cottawarm caramel sauce, marinated Kula strawberries & Lappert’s Vanila Bean ice cream

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