A Family Meal with Red Zinfandel

Over the years, Zinfandel gained the nickname of “America’s grape”. Yes, it has been around a very long time AND its evolution has been quite remarkable to say the least. Recently, I had been reminded by long time, noted wine journalist Randy Caparoso, the merits of the Zinfandel grape variety—not only at how tasty andContinue reading “A Family Meal with Red Zinfandel”

Wine Speak 2020–a recap

2020 was the 3rd Year for our Wine Speak event.  With every year, we look to present topics & insights from very different perspectives.  We believe this fosters continual learning & more & more camaraderie, by including new speakers who have something profound to share.  As you will notice, 2020 is still New World centric,Continue reading “Wine Speak 2020–a recap”

A VINO Dinner–“Red Wine & Seafood” 02-02-2020

The old adage of white wine with seafood, though still applicable, is not the only way to go. One can also readily have red wine with seafood, too. And this is THAT opportunity. We have created this special dinner for pure enjoyment AND because we want to always add a new dimension to learning aContinue reading “A VINO Dinner–“Red Wine & Seafood” 02-02-2020″

A Wine Speak Interview with Randy Caparoso

Here is an interview we did with longtime sommelier/wine journalist Randy Caparoso for Wine Speak 2020. Randy Caparoso is a multi-award winning wine journalist.  He was also named Santé’s first Wine & Spirits Professional of the Year and Restaurant Wine’s Wine Marketer of the Year.  Today, he is Wine Speak’s resident food-and-wine pairing expert.  Continue reading “A Wine Speak Interview with Randy Caparoso”

“Rosé Wine & Food” 09-15-19

“Rosé Wine & Food” This is the next episode in our quest to shed a different light on what pairing wines and foods can be. The culinary world, after all, has greatly changed during my professional career and this is my opportunity to show another dimension to it all. Yes, quite another interesting and uniqueContinue reading ““Rosé Wine & Food” 09-15-19”

A Chefs’ Dinner with Chefs Lyndon Honda & Keith Endo

“A Chefs’ Dinner” Saturday, October 5      Chef Keith Endo Chef Lyndon Honda   amuse bouche Chef Lyndon …     Roasted Ulu roasted ulu foie gras butter, coconut gastrique & smoked Malden sea salt   first Chef Lyndon …     Uni + Chicharrons capellini pasta, tomatillo morninga “dashi”, mint, shaved parmesan, wasabi tobiko & porcini powder WINE:Continue reading “A Chefs’ Dinner with Chefs Lyndon Honda & Keith Endo”

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