My Friend–Nunzio Alioto M.S.

I met & actually worked for Nunzio Alioto back in 1977.  He & his family had opened a restaurant in Honolulu on Makaloa Street across the street from the then named store–Holiday Mart.  The restaurant was named Alioto’s & they featured foods from their family recipes which they served for 3 generations at their worldContinue reading “My Friend–Nunzio Alioto M.S.”

Wine Speak 2020–a recap

2020 was the 3rd Year for our Wine Speak event.  With every year, we look to present topics & insights from very different perspectives.  We believe this fosters continual learning & more & more camaraderie, by including new speakers who have something profound to share.  As you will notice, 2020 is still New World centric,Continue reading “Wine Speak 2020–a recap”

Wine Speak 2020–Day 1 & 2–vineyard tours

Yup.  It was that time of the year again.  It snuck up on me way too quickly. DAY ONE A group of us caught the red eye (Hawaiian Airlines) leaving Honolulu on Saturday, January 11th, arriving into Los Angeles around 5:00am Sunday morning. We then did the 3 1/2 hour drive up to Atascadero &Continue reading “Wine Speak 2020–Day 1 & 2–vineyard tours”

An Interview with Emmanuel Kemiji MS

Here is an interview we did with long time Master Sommelier Emmanuel Kemiji for Wine Speak 2020. Emmanuel Kemiji M.S. hits the trifecta when it comes to wine: master sommelier, winemaker and winery owner. We are thrilled to welcome him to Wine Speak 2020, where he will co-host our panel discussion on “Crazy Red Blends.”Continue reading “An Interview with Emmanuel Kemiji MS”

An Interview with Jordan Fiorentini (winemaker of Epoch wines)

Here is an interview we did with Jordan Fiorentini for Wine Speak 2020. Jordan Fiorentini is the winemaker extraordinaire for Epoch Estate Wines in Paso Robles —and she was also part of one of Wine Speak’s most defining moments, as you will see in the following interview. Passionate, dedicated and not afraid to push theContinue reading “An Interview with Jordan Fiorentini (winemaker of Epoch wines)”

An Excerpt from the Tablas Creek blog of Jason Haas

  New on the Tablas Creek Blog: An Interview with Wine Speak Co-Founders Chuck Furuya, MS and Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins We are blessed in the Paso Robles area with a remarkable number of world-class wine events. In addition to the three annual events put on by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, we’ve been the homeContinue reading “An Excerpt from the Tablas Creek blog of Jason Haas”

An Interview with Madeline Triffon MS for Wine Speak 2020

Here is an interview we did with legendary Master Sommelier Madeline Triffon for Wine Speak 2020. Madeline Triffon is a legend in the world of Master Sommeliers and an icon in the field of skilled wine service.   We are blessed to have Madeline join Wine Speak 2020 and helm our seminar titled “Dream Big—WineContinue reading “An Interview with Madeline Triffon MS for Wine Speak 2020”

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