Wine Speak 2020–Day 1 & 2–vineyard tours

Yup.  It was that time of the year again.  It snuck up on me way too quickly. DAY ONE A group of us caught the red eye (Hawaiian Airlines) leaving Honolulu on Saturday, January 11th, arriving into Los Angeles around 5:00am Sunday morning. We then did the 3 1/2 hour drive up to Atascadero &Continue reading “Wine Speak 2020–Day 1 & 2–vineyard tours”

Alto Piemonte–Day 4 Gattinara

One could easily say Gattinara is the most well known wine appellation of the Alto Piemonte.  150 years or so ago, there were apparently roughly 1600 acres planted to vine in Gattinara.  Today, I am told there is but only 230 or so acres still planted.  Undoubtedly the most revered estate of Gattinara (& someContinue reading “Alto Piemonte–Day 4 Gattinara”

Alto Piemonte Day 3 Ghemme

Ghemme is another of the denominations of the Alto Piemonte.  It too is quite small in size with roughly only 210 acres planted to vine, all scattered throughout the undulating hills throughout the region.  While porphyric/granite soils are a large influence in Ghemme, there are also vineyards which seem to have a little more clayContinue reading “Alto Piemonte Day 3 Ghemme”

Alto Piemonte–Day 2 Fara & Boca

Our next stop was at Boniperti in the town of Barengo.  As we planned our trip, Gilberto Boniperti, was one of the first to confirm a visit.  He was also very helpful in introducing us to Cristiano Garella, who also consults for this winery AND also helped open the door to a few other producers–MazzoniContinue reading “Alto Piemonte–Day 2 Fara & Boca”

Alto Piemonte–Day 1 Bramaterra

Alto Piemonte can be subdivided into 7 main denominations–a cluster of Lessona, Bramaterra, Boca, Gattinara, Ghemme, Sizzano & Fara–roughly 2 hours drive northeast of Langhe. Pre-trip, I had little idea of how compact Alto Piemonte really is.  Thankfully each destination is only about 15 to 30 minutes or less from each other. In its heyContinue reading “Alto Piemonte–Day 1 Bramaterra”

Our Recent Trip to Italy–Part 2 Dolceacqua

In the planning of our latest trip to Italy we set our sights on two specific & unique winegrowing niches of the country’s western coast–Dolceacqua on the northwestern extreme of Liguria & Alto Piemonte to the northeast of Alba.  Just a short time previously, I was really taken, bordering entranced with several of the RosseseContinue reading “Our Recent Trip to Italy–Part 2 Dolceacqua”

Our Recent Trip to Italy–Part 1 Punta Crena–Varigotti

Varigotti is a small town located in a niche of Liguria, not far from Finale Liguria.  It essentially has one main thoroughfare which runs through with narrow streets which turn off now & then & head towards the hills away from the picturesque beach which fronts the ocean there.  The sea air fills the air.Continue reading “Our Recent Trip to Italy–Part 1 Punta Crena–Varigotti”

A Quick Jaunt to the Santa Maria Valley 08-29-19

After a quick lunch at El Palmar restaurant in Lompoc (highly recommended by several winemakers), we jumped in our cars & headed back north to the Santa Maria Valley.  I just wanted to make sure the Hawaii gang had a chance to see first hand & walk the iconic Bien Nacido Vineyard. We met longContinue reading “A Quick Jaunt to the Santa Maria Valley 08-29-19”

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