A Quartet of Interesting PINK Wines 09-05-19

Not all pink wines are created the same or of equal quality so, there are some good and some not so good. Summer is time for delicious, food friendly pink wines and here are four from around the Mediterranean basin which we feel are well worth checking out! Produced from different grape varieties, grown inContinue reading “A Quartet of Interesting PINK Wines 09-05-19”

“Rosé Wine & Food” 09-15-19

“Rosé Wine & Food” This is the next episode in our quest to shed a different light on what pairing wines and foods can be. The culinary world, after all, has greatly changed during my professional career and this is my opportunity to show another dimension to it all. Yes, quite another interesting and uniqueContinue reading ““Rosé Wine & Food” 09-15-19”

A Tasting of Four Corsican Rosé Wines @ VINO.

PINK wines are IN and the category is meteorically growing in popularity. I have watched this category transition greatly over the years and currently those from Provence are the most en vogue. Not all pink wines are grown or created equally and considering our rustic style of cooking, one of the rosé niches we areContinue reading “A Tasting of Four Corsican Rosé Wines @ VINO.”

PINK Wines from around the Mediterranean

We are continually amazed at how fast the craze for pink wines has exponentially taken off here in the Islands.  Finally!   Yes, it is seasonally the time to start enjoying pink wines & here are four VERY unique renditions well worth checking out! Elvio Tintero Rosato–This small, family owned and run estate has been around sinceContinue reading “PINK Wines from around the Mediterranean”

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