A Family Meal with Red Zinfandel

Over the years, Zinfandel gained the nickname of “America’s grape”. Yes, it has been around a very long time AND its evolution has been quite remarkable to say the least. Recently, I had been reminded by long time, noted wine journalist Randy Caparoso, the merits of the Zinfandel grape variety—not only at how tasty andContinue reading “A Family Meal with Red Zinfandel”

Different perspectives on what sparkling wine can be

We continually search to find really “good”, interesting wines from along the Mediterranean basin and from afar to bring home to offer our valued guests. Here is a taste of four sparkling wines it has taken some time to gather. While Champagne is still “King of the Hill” in the bubbly category, there are someContinue reading “Different perspectives on what sparkling wine can be”

a Recent Article from the Honolulu Star Advertiser

Over the years, I have encountered many red zinfandels that stunned me with their beauty, intriguing vinosity, savoriness, tastiness and wonderful food-friendliness.  I vividly remember the 1976 Ridge “Lytton Springs” as one of the first to absolutely wow me and create a lifelong memory. My journey with this long-time California grape variety has continued andContinue reading “a Recent Article from the Honolulu Star Advertiser”

Four Interesting & Unique Aromatic, Dry Muscat Wines

At VINO as regulars well know by now, we continually search to find really “good”, interesting wines from along the Mediterranean basin & from afar to bring home & offer our valued guests. Once in a while, we strike GOLD. Yup, this is one of those occasions. The Jackpot!!!!…featuring a quartet of Muscat based whiteContinue reading “Four Interesting & Unique Aromatic, Dry Muscat Wines”

2 New Italian Wine Discoveries

We continually search for really interesting wines from around the Mediterranean basin—indigenous, family owned and operated, heirloom/heritage vines and farmed sustainably. We recently ran across TWO very noteworthy family wine projects—one from Campania and one from Mt. Etna in Sicily. They certainly caught our attention! Really good juice. Here is your chance to try themContinue reading “2 New Italian Wine Discoveries”

Limestone & Chardonnay

One of the world’s most famous soil and vine combinations is Chardonnay grown in limestone/calcareous soils. They usually create an incredibly dynamic synergy which creates oenological magic, in a way which creates something so unique and somewhat unrecognizable to most avid New World Chardonnay fans.  Yes, these are wines somehow much more about the soilContinue reading “Limestone & Chardonnay”

Tasting Italian Wines with the Young Sommeliers Part 2

Another leg of our late Fall trip to Italy was up to Alto Piemonte, a roughly 2 hour drive north (& slightly east) of Alba.  I had wanted to visit this wine growing area for many years, actually after my first eye opening tastes of THREE different bottlings (each on a separate occasion) of Gattinara,Continue reading “Tasting Italian Wines with the Young Sommeliers Part 2”

Tasting Italian Wines with the Young Sommeliers Part 1

Today, we brought together a group of young wine professionals to share some of the wine discoveries we brought home with us from our October trip to Italy. We pared down the tasting list to 12 wines, just to make it more manageable AND keep everyone’s attention. The first trio of wines were from DolceacquaContinue reading “Tasting Italian Wines with the Young Sommeliers Part 1”

A Quartet of Spanish “Country” wines

We continue our search for interesting good wines from different wine growing regions, especially those countries serving Mediterranean inspired foods. This night, we take a look at four very unique and interesting, “country” styled wines from Spain. Come on be adventuresome. These wines are worth checking out. 2014 Jose Antonio Garica Bierzo “Unculin”–here is aContinue reading “A Quartet of Spanish “Country” wines”

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