a Recent Article from the Honolulu Star Advertiser

Over the years, I have encountered many red zinfandels that stunned me with their beauty, intriguing vinosity, savoriness, tastiness and wonderful food-friendliness.  I vividly remember the 1976 Ridge “Lytton Springs” as one of the first to absolutely wow me and create a lifelong memory. My journey with this long-time California grape variety has continued andContinue reading “a Recent Article from the Honolulu Star Advertiser”

Alto Piemonte–Day 1 Bramaterra

Alto Piemonte can be subdivided into 7 main denominations–a cluster of Lessona, Bramaterra, Boca, Gattinara, Ghemme, Sizzano & Fara–roughly 2 hours drive northeast of Langhe. Pre-trip, I had little idea of how compact Alto Piemonte really is.  Thankfully each destination is only about 15 to 30 minutes or less from each other. In its heyContinue reading “Alto Piemonte–Day 1 Bramaterra”

BYOB Gamay Noir Tasting with our friend Keith

Our comrade in wine, maestro Keith, kindly hosted another BYOB winetasting at his home.  This tasting’s theme was Gamay Noir.  It was a Sunday night.  The tasting started around 8:30pm & the line-up was quite diverse & so interesting. The first thing I would say tasters soon discovered was that not all Beaujolais are createdContinue reading “BYOB Gamay Noir Tasting with our friend Keith”

Another Look at What Syrah Can Be

For our VINO tastings, in general, we try to show participants a glimpse of the whole world of wines, something beyond just California and the New World and to create opportunities, which both professionals and non-professionals would not normally have access to…this is one of those tastings. Over the years, while growing up in thisContinue reading “Another Look at What Syrah Can Be”

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