Different perspectives on what sparkling wine can be

We continually search to find really “good”, interesting wines from along the Mediterranean basin and from afar to bring home to offer our valued guests. Here is a taste of four sparkling wines it has taken some time to gather. While Champagne is still “King of the Hill” in the bubbly category, there are someContinue reading “Different perspectives on what sparkling wine can be”

A Different Slant on Bubbly

‘Tis the season for bubbly. Here is your chance to taste four very special, unique wines, yes, a completely different slant of what bubbly can be! This certainly proved to be an eye opener for many.  Airole Lambrusco “Marcello”–We start this tasting with a sparkling (fizzy) red wine—100% Lambrusco Maestri, grown at 750 to 1000Continue reading “A Different Slant on Bubbly”

A Quartet of Grower Champagne

Our New Year’s Eve winetasting in VINO, included 3 top echelon “grower” Champagne.  (A friend brought the 4th, just to share).  The recoltant manipulant (grower) category of Champagne seems to be really catching on & growing across the country.  Here are 3 certainly worth checking out! Jean Milan Blanc de Blancs “Grand Cru”  100% ChardonnayContinue reading “A Quartet of Grower Champagne”

Older Dom Perignon

Out of the gates, the 1988 was lighter in color, much more refined, precise & high toned.  In comparison, it took the 1982 some air time to really start opening up & show its stuff.  It eventually & really proved to become quite a remarkable glass of Champagne–nutty, toasty, much more lush, deep, harmonious & interesting.

Sparkling wines–staff training at DK Steakhouse

(photo–by Rick Lilley) Last night was a real fun get together with some of our restaurant teammates to discuss & taste some interesting sparkling wines from around the world. Hopefully participants walked away with some further insight & information on the category. The 3 most commonly used ways to produce sparkling wine– 1) Carbonation. Yup,Continue reading “Sparkling wines–staff training at DK Steakhouse”

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