Four Interesting & Unique Aromatic, Dry Muscat Wines

At VINO as regulars well know by now, we continually search to find really “good”, interesting wines from along the Mediterranean basin & from afar to bring home & offer our valued guests. Once in a while, we strike GOLD. Yup, this is one of those occasions. The Jackpot!!!!…featuring a quartet of Muscat based whiteContinue reading “Four Interesting & Unique Aromatic, Dry Muscat Wines”

Limestone & Chardonnay

One of the world’s most famous soil and vine combinations is Chardonnay grown in limestone/calcareous soils. They usually create an incredibly dynamic synergy which creates oenological magic, in a way which creates something so unique and somewhat unrecognizable to most avid New World Chardonnay fans.  Yes, these are wines somehow much more about the soilContinue reading “Limestone & Chardonnay”

A Quartet of Other German White Wines

Of the top ten standout wines of all time to me, I would say at least four were German Rieslings. Each of these wines displayed such incredible pedigree, filagree and innate breed that was truly mesmerizing, captivating and memorable to me. Germany has produced some of the world’s finest riesling based wines and over theContinue reading “A Quartet of Other German White Wines”

A Quartet of Austrian Grüner Veltliner

What is Grüner Veltliner? It is a top echelon grape variety that is capable of producing world-class white wine and most famously grown and produced in Austria.   We really don’t see too many on the local retail store shelves or on winelists of top restaurants here. Still, when one travels the world and big citiesContinue reading “A Quartet of Austrian Grüner Veltliner”

A Quartet of Wonderfully perfumed, uplifting Malvasia based white wines

Until quite recently, the Malvasia grape variety was reputed as the most widely planted white grape in the world. That’s so interesting, as how many eye catching ones have you recalled ever running across? We, at VINO, are and have been intrigued at finding really good ones, as they can work such unique magic andContinue reading “A Quartet of Wonderfully perfumed, uplifting Malvasia based white wines”

Atalier by Raúl Pérez Albariño “a Cruz das Ánimas”

I was really quite taken by this Spanish white wine because of how different it is from those done in stainless steel with NO malolactic fermentation, resulting in pure, fresh, riveting white wines so commonly seen in the marketplace, especially in the Albariño/Rías Baixas category.  Furthermore, it is also thankfully vey different from other renditionsContinue reading “Atalier by Raúl Pérez Albariño “a Cruz das Ánimas””

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