Some thoughts on Pinot Noir–the Martini selection

I distinctly recall Robert Mondavi, the iconic Napa Valley vintner, standing up at one of the early Wine Spectator Grand Tasting events in San Francisco and telling the hushed crowd of attendees that one day California would produce Pinot Noirs which could stand up to those from France. Although he was generally regarded as theContinue reading “Some thoughts on Pinot Noir–the Martini selection”


For many wine lovers the name Beaujolais is nearly synonymous with plonk, which many attribute to lackisdaiscal farming, over production, sub-standard winemaking & a perception of gross manipulation in the winery. I am one of those people who likes to dig around for wines which over deliver in quality, especially for the dollar spent.  BeaujolaisContinue reading “Beaujolais”

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